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Celebrating the 27th Annual Physio Fit Run!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Physio Fit Run was established in 1990 for one reason....to promote Fitness and Health at a grassroots level in a Fun atmosphere!  Student participation has always also been a major focus inspiring the three School Awards presented annually.  The School Challenge Award, School Spirit Award, School on the Move Award.  The original inspiration came from participation in the Vancouver Sun Run at a time when local races were not as popular as they are today.  The race has grown from 75 participants to 1800 in the 90’s prior to the explosion of races and has settled at 800-1000 participants.  A charitable component has also been incorporated over the years with the Manitoba Riding for the Disabled and current charity of choice.  Race day is very exciting with mascots, amazing random prizes, and giveaways on the course, T-shirts for participants and more recently.....medals!   Yes we now have bling!

This event is open to all ageas and volunteers are always welcome!!!  www.physiofitrun.ca

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